About Bluebird Trail Farm

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An Opportunity to Stay Connected

Bluebird Trail Farm was established in 2002 to provide people with an opportunity to be more aware and more closely connected to how their food grows and where it comes from. We began by offering pasture raised chickens raised in moveable pens, to pasture turkey and pork. We make every attempt to ensure our animal care meets the five freedoms of animals’ welfare. Our veterinarian visits regularly, and we feed our animals a balanced nutritious diet free from unnecessary antibiotics and substances. Our animals can all move around freely in pastures and large pens and have access to fresh water.

While we do raise some animals for meat, many of our animals are just for learning. Our alpacas are sheared each season, and we offer opportunities to learn how to make yarn with the fiber. We have ponies, little goats and often lambs that are fed and gently petted. We also seem to have a steady supply of baby rabbits and lots of chicken eggs to collect.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture Corning NY

Five years ago, we offered membership in our first CSA, which has continued to grow every year. We provide garden shares twice a week, and often individuals and families have an option to pick their own produce.

We make every attempt to use all natural practices. By using our own manures, leaves, pine needles and other organic materials, we keep the garden and fruit trees free from chemicals. Each year we have expanded the size and offerings in our vegetable garden to include fresh herbs, wildflowers and berries.
Vegetables Bluebird Trail Farm

Conservation Efforts at Bluebird Trail Farm

Conservation Efforts at Bluebird Trail Farm

Bluebird Trail Farm was also established to help conserve our natural plants and wildlife. We first established a mile long Bluebird Trail with 30+ nest boxes that bluebirds, tree swallows and many other native birds benefit from. We created a wildflower meadow for pollinators last year, and this year doubled the size. In addition we added a milkweed garden for Monarch Butterflies, and installed bat houses.

We enjoy having individuals and families visit the farm and participate in the garden, a nature class, or just take a walk on the trail.

Community Involvement

Coummunity Invovlement Bluebird Trail Farm

For many years we have been very involved with our community. We host many different agencies and groups for either job skills training, volunteering, or educational farm visits. We have enjoyed many groups from Pathways, AIM, Girl and Boy Scouts of America,preschools, churches, private schools and libraries.

World Wide Organic Opportunities in Organic Farming (WWOOF)

Two years ago we became an approved WWOOF Farm (World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming) and now enjoy hosting young people from around the world traveling and learning about organic farming practices.

We are looking forward to an amazing 2017!