Conservation Projects

Conservation Projects

Butterfly Conservation Meadow

We created a meadow from an old hay field to provide pollenators with much needed food.

Butterfly Conservation Meadow at Bluebird Trail Farm

Mason Bee Homes

Mason Bee Home on Bluebird Trail Farm

We installed blue-orchard mason bee homes to encourage healthy fruit tree pollination on the farm. Mason bees are gentle, non stinging bees that only pollinate. They do not make honey. After emerging from their mud tubes each spring, the short life span of this bee is spent pollinating and laying eggs in a tube. The female lays 4-6 eggs and packs them in mud, like a mason. The mason bee pollinates 100 times more blossoms than one honey bee. We collect the tubes and store them throughout the winter until they hatch again in the spring.

Bluebird Trail

We created and maintain a bluebird trail. For more information go to:

Bluebird Trail Farm trail pictures

Monarch Waystation

We established a monarch waystation by providing habitat with a variety of nectar and host plants.
For more information go to:

Monarch Waystation at Bluebird Trail Farm

Garden for Wildlife

We created a ‘garden for wildlife’ certified by the National Wildlife Federation.”
For more information go to:

Garden for Wildlife on Bluebird Trail Farm

Bat Houses

We have installed and maintain bat houses to promote a healthy bat population.