Young Naturalist

The 2017 Bluebird Trail Farm Young Naturalist Program

In order to participate in activities on Bluebird Trail Farm, please download, sign and return THIS WAIVER.

Young NaturalistThe 2018 Bluebird Trail Farm Young Naturalist program is a collection of environmental projects designed to improve, conserve, and protect the wildlife and natural resources in Steuben County. Through hands on activities, youth ages (11-14) who participate will develop an awareness and appreciation of our community’s natural environment while acquiring the skills and knowledge to become better stewards of the earth. Each project will benefit local wildlife and improve the environment. Program dates and times to be announced. Applications will be available in early March. Activities will take place weekly on Bluebird Trail Farm with follow-up projects in the Community.

Environmental Topics

  • Wildflower Meadows and Butterfly Gardens
  • Maintaining a Bluebird Trail & Promoting a healthy bird population
  • Tree conservation, planting & identification
  • Composting for a better earth & soil
  • Wildlife Habitat protection & development