About Bluebird Trail Farm

Planting…Growing…Harvesting…Knowing your food.

The farm was established in 2002 with the mission of providing the community with opportunities to visit and enjoy a farm; participate in growing their own food and to explore nature in a safe environment. We use sustainable farming practices to grow organic fruit, vegetables, herbs and fresh flowers. We value the humane treatment of animals as we continue to raise chicken, turkey, pork and care for a wide range of other farm animals for learning purposes.

Community Supported Agriculture

Our CSA opened in 2012 and continues to grow each year. Each growing season (May – October) our members receive weekly baskets of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, honey, fresh eggs, mushrooms, and flowers. Membership in our CSA allows you to visit the farm for free; walk the nature trails, and use the pond and cozy cabin. Members are also invited to assist with planting, maintaining and harvesting the gardens. Our all natural methods include no-till, crop rotation, mulching, cover cropping, and permaculture designs.

Conservation Efforts at Bluebird Trail Farm

Bluebird Trail Farm was also established to help conserve our native plants and wildlife. We first established a mile long Bluebird Trail with 30+ nest boxes that bluebirds, tree swallows and many other native birds benefit from. We created a wildflower meadow for pollinators last year, and this year doubled the size. In addition we added a milkweed garden for Monarch Butterflies, and installed bat houses. A small forest garden offers a glimpse into the layers of a food forest and mushroom cultivation.

We enjoy having individuals and families visit the farm and participate in the garden, a nature class, or just take a walk on the trail.

Community Involvement

Being involved with our local community is very important to us. The farm hosts a wide range of community organizations such as our local library, Pathways, Girl and Boy Scouts of America, AIM, public and private schools, churches and civic organizations.

World Wide Organic Opportunities in Organic Farming

We are a WWOOF verified and approved farm. Each summer we enjoy hosting volunteers from all over the world.

2024 Bluebird Trail Farm: 951 & 921 Harris Road in Corning, NY 14830 Phone: 607.329.4023 | Website by: Thirsty Fish Graphic Design .