Bluebirds, Brook Trout, and Butterflies
Home School Conservation and Stewardship Workshops

Spring 2020

This three part conservation series is intended to connect children ages 5-12 with nature in a positive, safe environment. Our hands-on learning areas are designed to allow children to explore different topics of conservation while also empowering them to see themselves as participants in protecting our environment.

Workshops are 3 hours long with a break in the middle, and will incorporate observation, exploration, and action…… at the end of each session we will have a short visit with the farm animals!

Parents are free!

Bluebirds and their friends

April 20

9:00am – 12:00pm

Become a bird sleuth explorer and go undercover to discover the many native birds in our area. Learn specifically about our beloved eastern bluebird, its habitat, range, diet and behavior. While on the trail we will also hunt for tree swallows, red wing blackbirds and robins… just to name a few. Learn how to identify different bird songs, nests, and eggs. Discover ways to help our feathered friends in our own back yards and in our communities. Program includes the Cornell Lab or Ornithology “Bird Sleuth Explorer Booklet” for ages 5-12.

Take home bird friendly plants you can cultivate in your own backyard or neighborhood.

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Brook Trout and Pond Creatures

May 18th

9:00am – 12:00pm

Come and explore our creek and pond and discover the many organisms that live in these habitats.

Find out which creatures indicate clean water and good water quality. Using various collecting equipment, we will catch and observe pond creatures, such as tadpoles, minnows, snails, beetles and insect larvae.

After careful study, we will release all organisms back into the water. We will learn how to protect our water resources and the plants and animals that make these places their homes. Meet our New York State
freshwater fish, the brook trout: a fish that relies on great water quality.

Take home an informative activity book about wetlands.

(boots required)

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Butterflies and Honey Bees – Powerful Pollinators

June 15

9:00am – 12:00pm

Enjoy an interpretive walk on the Bluebird Trail collecting and identifying our native wildflowers. Along the way we will stop at the “pollination station” and discover how pollination happens. We will observe the honey bees hard at work in their frames and learn about the life cycle of the bee. Children will also have an opportunity to meet the gentle “Mason Bee” a mighty pollinator who does not produce honey, and watch some emerge from their chambers.

We will release some butterflies and also discover their role in pollination. After tasting and touching a few honey bee products, we will discover ways to protect and encourage the pollinators in our own backyard and community.

Students will take home a pollinator friendly plant to cultivate or donate and wildflower information booklet.

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